Biomaterials Science


The mission of the biomaterials science graduate training program is to provide education and training in biomaterials science and immersion in state-of the art technology, while ultimately contributing to improving human health through biomaterials-based treatment modalities. The goals of this program are to: provide students with state-of-the-art knowledge and training in biomaterials science that will prepare them for careers in research and development in academia and industry and enhance the students' understanding of biomaterials-based treatment modalities by providing them with a broad background in biomaterials structure, fabrication, function and interactions with cells and tissues.


John L. Ricci
John T. McDevitt
John L. Ricci, PhD
Program Director
John T. McDevitt, PhD
Program Co-Advisor
Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho, DDS, PhD
Program Co-Advisor

Sample Courses

  • Principles in Biomaterials Science
  • Metal and Ceramic Biomaterials
  • Polymers & Biopolymers
  • Biomaterials-Tissue Interface I
  • Biomaterials-Tissue Interface II

Qualifying Exam

When: End of 2nd year

  • Written: Thesis proposal in NIH format
  • Oral: Presentation and defense of written thesis in front of committee