Research Navigator Information Site


Research Navigator is a single sign-on portal for managing your NYULMC research portfolio. Currently, the Research Navigator portal encompasses:

  • My Studies (includes Human Subject and Animal Research)
  • My Grants
  • My Agreements & Contracts

On-Demand Research Navigator Training

In order to use the Research Navigator, users must first complete the Research Navigator On-Demand Training. All on-demand training is available through iDevelop and includes downloadable user guides.


  • Submitting a Grant in Research Navigator (10.06)
  • Creating a Working Budget in Research Navigator (13.30)
  • Grant Renewal, Revision, & Resubmission (2:38)
  • Generating a Non-Competing Continuation (5.25)
  • Grants Approval Routing (3.59)

Human Subject Research Studies

  • Orientation and Module to Module Navigation (3 min.)
  • Submitting a Study (9.11 min.)
  • Registering, Scheduling and Recording Visits (8.12 min.)
  • New Reportable Events, Continuations and Closures (5.38 min.)
  • My Agreements (7.34 min.)
  • IRB Modifications (4.13 min.)  
  • OCT Modifications (2.35 min.)  

Animal Research Studies

  • Submitting to the IACUC Using Research Navigator (15 min)
  • Submitting an Amendment, Renewal, and Study Closure to the IACUC (7 min)
  • Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) Animal Operations (6 min.)

Find On-Demand Training in iDevelop

Step 1) Log on to the NYULMC intranet.

Step 2) In the top menu, click on “Popular Links,” and then in the dropdown menu, click on iDevelop. 

Step 3) Once logged into iDevelop, click on “Course Catalog.”

Step 4) Type “Research Navigator” or “Research Education” into the search bar to find the online training.