Research Infrastructure

Our model for the department’s research administration is a structure that combines education, grant mentorship and coordinator assistance, as well as pre and post award support. From concept to study closeout, these services are available to both senior and junior investigators throughout all phases of their work.

Research education is provided through forums and seminars to develop and test fundable ideas. Grant mentorship is provided with expert faculty with proven research experience in the field. Our pre-award division works with the investigators to develop a comprehensive budget and grant submission that adheres to the sponsors requirements. A coordinator division assists in study development, from protocol logistics, to data collection and IRB submissions. And finally, our human resources and post award division provides the financial oversight that ensures compliance with applicable regulations and keeps the investigator apprised of the study funds.

For more detailed information, please read
How Radiology Research Administration Supports Our Investigators
in Radiata Summer/Fall 2007 edition or contact:

Lois Mannon, Administrator, Research Operations 3-3783
Ilene Jacobs, Grants Manager 3-2710
Geeta Leung, Financial Analyst 3-3334
Randa Hazar, Assistant Grants Specialist, HR, 3-4814