Leon Axel
Development of novel cardiac imaging and image analysis tools and their application to the study of cardiac physiology and disease.

Qun Chen
Development and application of MRI techniques for the functional assessment of cardiopulmonary disease and disorders.

Oded Gonen
Development of quantitative multi-voxel high field MR spectroscopy to image brain metabolites and physiology, with application to multiple sclerosis and brain trauma.

Robert I. Grossman
Development of quantitative MR neuroimaging methods to study multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury.

Joseph Helpern
Development of quantitative MRI methods to analyze brain tissue micro-architecture, with application to neurological disorders including AD, ADHD and schizophrenia.

Matilde Inglese
Investigations into the mechanisms of axonal degeneration in multiple sclerosis using 23Na imaging and perfusion MRI.

Jens Jensen
Quantification of non-Gaussian diffusion (diffusional kurtosis imaging), and quantification of non-heme iron with applications to neuropathologies and iron overload disorders.

Glyn Johnson
Assessment of brain tumor hemodynamics with perfusion MRI, and lung function with hyperpolarized helium MRI.

Vivian Lee
Applications of MR for assessing renal function and renovascular hypertension, MRI for living liver transplant donor candidates, and cardiac MRI.

Ravinder Regatte
Development of novel multinuclear (23Na and 31P) and high field / high resolution MR techniques for evaluating musculoskeletal disorders.

Henry Rusinek
Development and application of advanced image analysis methods based on MRI and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) data.

Daniel Sodickson
Development and application of parallel imaging approaches for high field MRI, and analysis of electrical properties of tissues using arrays of RF coils.

Daniel Turnbull
MR and ultrasound micro-imaging methods for analyzing neural and cardiovascular development and disease in transgenic mouse models.