Bellevue Hospital Center Psychiatry Inpatient Services

Adult Inpatient Services

Bellevue Hospital adult inpatient psychiatric services are comprised of 220 beds distributed among seven general units for patients ages 18 and older. A full range of in-patient psychiatric treatment is provided, including particular attention to those with psychotic, affective, and other major psychiatric illness, often with co-occurring substance abuse. One of the units is devoted to the treatment of Latino patients, one to Chinese-speaking patients, and one to patients with both major psychiatric and substance abuse illness.

Emergency Psychiatry

Our Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) is a state of the art emergency psychiatric service. CPEP provides a spectrum of services designed to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, in the most effective and least restrictive manner possible. Our clinical program is one of the most respected of its kind, and is the destination of choice for many private and public agencies seeking help for someone requiring emergency psychiatric care. Our service is fully integrated with the entire spectrum of psychiatric services available at Bellevue Hospital.

  • The Extended Observation Unit (EOU) is a six-bed inpatient unit physically located in the CPEP. Patients can be admitted to the Extended Observation Unit for up to 72 hours for high intensity evaluation and management of unclear and difficult clinical situations and for cases which may not require a full inpatient admission.
  • The Mobile Crisis Unit consists of clinicians who can respond to persons in need of emergency psychiatric care who are unable or unwilling to present on their own. The Mobile Crisis Unit receives referrals from the community, goes to the person’s home, performs assessments, delivers care, and removes individuals to an emergency department when necessary.
  • The Interim Crisis Services Clinic assists patients transitioning to community mental health resources who may require resolution of acute crises. This service is located near CPEP, on the ground floor of Bellevue Hospital. It provides high-intensity, easy access to care of limited duration, to patients who otherwise might require inpatient hospitalization to stabilize and resolve a time-limited crisis.
  • Crisis Residence Beds provide short term community housing for patients in acute psychiatric need who lack adequate supportive housing for safe community maintenance.

Forensic Psychiatry Services

The Forensic Psychiatry Inpatient Unit consists of 68 beds on two units, in a maximum-security mental health unit jointly operated by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and the Department of Correction of the City of New York.

Substance Abuse

The Chemical Dependency Crisis/Detoxification Unit is a 20-bed service providing short-term detoxification and referral for longer-term treatment. The three goals of this treatment are safe detoxification, provision of a humane environment, and preparation for aftercare.

The Dual Diagnosis Unit, part of the adult inpatient service, is a 30-bed unit developed specifically for the rehabilitation of patients diagnosed with both general psychiatric and addictive disorders. It employs a behavioral treatment model combined with peer management techniques and psycho-educational programs tailored to this population.

Consultation Liaison

The Consultation Liaison Service provides high quality, readily accessible, psychiatric consultations to all patients in the hospital on non-psychiatric units in need of psychiatric evaluation and/or treatment. Consultations are requested for a wide range of indications including but not limited to evaluation for capacity, mental status evaluation, treatment of depression, anxiety, agitation, psychosis, assessment of suicidal/homicidal ideation, management of substance abuse intoxication/withdrawal, inappropriate or disruptive behavior, and issues of death and dying.