Research Presentations

NYU Rusk faculty and house staff are well represented at the national physiatry meetings.  Click here to view the 14 abstracts with NYU Rehabilitation residents as first authors that have been accepted for poster presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Association of Academic Physiatrists in Bonita Springs, Florida in April 2010.  Click here to view the 11 presentations made by NYU Rehabilitation residents at the AAPM&R 2009 Annual Assembly in Austin, Texas in October 2009.

To see a list of all our research presentations done in the last three years, click the links below.



  • 2007
    • Presented at AAPMR 2007, Boston, Massachusetts
      • Jerry Lin, MD, “Polyradiculopathy Following an Exacerbation of Herpes Zoster Reactivation: A Case Report”
      • Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA, Ira Rashbaum, MD, Dong Ma, MD: “Case Report: Debilitating Sweet’s Syndrome in an Acute Rehabilitation Setting.”
      • Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA, Mark Ragucci, DO: “Osteomyelitis in the Femur of an Adult Patient: A Case Report.”
      • Sandeep Rathi, MD, Ken Vitale, MD, Arthur Jimenez, MD: “Newly Diagnosed Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Setting of Post-operative Rehabilitation for Total Knee Arthoplasty: A Case Report.”
      • Sandeep Rathi, MD, Chris Lee, MD: “Post-Stroke Depression and Acute Mental Status Change: A Case Report.”
      • Annie Davidson, DO, Owen Kieran, MD: “Clinically Occult Presentation of Femoral Neck Fracture on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Consult Service: A Case Report.”
      • Vinny Vitto, DO, Jung Ahn, MD: "Documentation of Complete Paraplegic Spinal Cord Injury Secondary to Gunshot Wound to the Chest Without Evidence of Bullet Entry into theVertebral Column: A Case Report."
      • Moshe Ben-Roohi, Eugene Bulkin, MD, and Kenneth Vitale, MD: "Cauda Equina Arachnoiditis after Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection: A Case Report." 
      • Kevin Wang, MD, Chris Lee, MD, Alex Moroz, MD: Use of complementary and alternative therapies by physiatrist attending and resident physicians and their recommendations to patients: a survey at an academic rehabilitation center.
      • Amit Bansal, DO, Alex Moroz, MD: Using Structural Deformity to Facilitate Gain in Function: A Case Report
    • Presented at AAP 2007, San Juan, Puerto Rico
      • Jaclyn Bonder, MD, Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA, and Alex Moroz, MD
      • "Gender Differences in Outcomes After Inpatient Rehabilitation For Joint Replacement Surgery.
      • Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA, Tae Hwan Chung, MD, and Jung Ahn, MD: "Case Report: Intra-spinal Bleed with Paraplegia Following Neuraxial Anesthesia and Enoxaparin.“
      • Scott Campea, MD, and Alex Moroz, MD: "Resident Perceptions of Difficult Situations in the Rehabilitation Setting."
      • Assaf Gordon, MD, Steve Yoon, MD, and Shailiaja Kalva, MD: "Recurrent Parietotemporal Intracranial Hemorrhage Secondary to Arteriovascular Malformation: A Case Report.“
  • 2008
    • Presented at AAP 2008, Anaheim, California
      • Moshe Ben-Roohi, MD; Christopher Lee, MD  Recurrent Pregnancy Related Transverse Myelitis with Quadriparesis and Respiratory Compromise: A Case Report.
      • Daniel Feldman M.D.; Steve Yoon M.D.; Vijay S. Sidhwani D.O; Jung Ahn M.D.  Paraplegia After Implantation of Spinal Cord Stimulator and Resultant Hematoma Development In a Patient with Chronic Pain: Case Report.
      • Daniel D. Feldman, M.D.; Neelwant Sandhu, M.D.; Vijay S. Sidhwani, D.O.; Jung H. Ahn, M.D.; John G.  Gianutsos, Ph.D  Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery in a Patient with Transverse Myelitis Following Whole Body Vibration Therapy: A Case Report.
      • Minjin Kim M.D.; Aron Jeffrey; Kenneth Vitale  Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis Presenting as Knee Pain: An Uncommon Diagnosis for a Common Presentation
      • Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA; Jaclyn Bonder, MD; Austin Pantel, BS; Steve Yoon, MD; Michael Purvin, BS; Jeff Berliner, MD; Ira Rashbaum, MD  Outcomes Measurement of Acute Stroke Patients in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Using the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale
      • Jaclyn Bonder, MD; Douglas Elwood; Shailaja Kalva  Bilateral Posterior Shoulder Dislocation Secondary to Electrocution: A Case Report
      • Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA; Jaclyn Bonder, MD; Austin Pantel, BS; Michael Purvin, BS; Steve Yoon, MD; Jeffrey Berliner, MD; Alex Moroz, MD  Effects of Pain Control on Length of Stay and Satisfaction After Joint Replacement: A Gender-Specific Study
      • Steve H. Yoon MD; Daniel Feldman MD; Amit Bansal DO; Qiang Fang MD  Dystonia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Induced by Peripheral Trauma: A Rare Complication
      • Judith Glaser, DO; Mark V. Ragucci, DO, MS  Neurosyphilis: Implications for Acute Rehabilitation: A Case Report
      • Austin Pantel, B.S.; Michael Purvin, B.S; Alex Moroz, M.D.; Douglas Elwood, M.D., M.B.A  Correlation of Residents’ Interpersonal and Communication Skills with Performance Ratings by Hospital Staff and Residency Program Director
      • Jonathan Sydney Kirschner M.D.; Douglas Elwood M.D., M.B.A; Jeffrey Berliner, M.D; Alex Moroz, M.D Resident Knowledge and Perception of Health Care Policy
      • Michael Purvin, BS; Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA; Jaclyn Bonder, MD; Alex Moroz, MD  Patient Satisfaction and Resident Performance: Uncovering Potential Links to Past and Present Measures of Achievement
    • Presented at AAPM&R 2008, San Diego, California
      • Fulminant Neuromyelitis Optica in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit: A Case Report. Faguna Patel, DO, Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA, Ryul Kim, DO, and Shailaja Kalva, MD.
      • Rehabilitation of Hyperglycemia-Induced Hemiballism in an Inpatient Setting: A Case Report. Faguna Patel, DO, Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA, Ryul Kim, DO.
      • Neuropathic Arthropathy Following Spinal Cord Injury in a Rehabilitation Clinic: A Case Report. Anjali Sinha, DO, Douglas Elwood, MD, MBA, Mark Ragucci, DO, MS.
      • Clinical Outcome of a Centenarian With a Joint Replacement: Are You Getting Too Old For This? A Case Report. Steve Yoon, MD, MPH, Kenneth Vitale, MD, Arthur Jimenez, MD
      • Spinal Accessory Neuropathy following Trapezius Trigger Point Injection. A Case Report. Joseph Purcell DO, Annie Davidson DO, Vincenzo Vitto DO
  • 2009
    • Presented at AAP 2009, Colorado Springs, Colorado
      • Susan Maltser, Doug Elwood, Anjali Sinha, Jung Ahn. Surfer's Myelopathy: A New Phenomenon.
      • Michal Sheps. A Rare Relapsing and Remitting Neuromuscular Disorder.
      • Wai Leong Foo, Suzanne Gutierrez, Doug Elwood, Joan Gold. DVT in Pediatric Brain Injury Patients: The Need For Prophylaxis?
      • Nick Gupta, Ira Rashbaum. Bilateral Lower Extremity Amputation Following Compartment Syndrome in the Clinical Setting of Rhabdomyolysis.
      • Jeff Heckman, Doug Elwood, Jaclyn Bonder, Austin Pantel, Alex Moroz. Expectation Versus Reality in Acute Hospitalization: A Multispecialty Analysis.
      • Syed Husain, Daniel Feldman, Kenneth Vitale, Arthur Jimenez. Inpatient Pain Rehabilitation Program fro Chronic Pain Patients: An Old Idea Revisited.
      • Syed Husain, Jung Ahn. Brain Abscess Causing Left-Sided Weakness, Verbosity, Agraphia, and Acalculia – Gerstmann’s Syndrome: A Case Report.
      • Caroline Koo, Mirielle Diaz. Severe Delayed Orthostatic Hypotension in Brain Injury Related Autonomic Dysfunction
      • Caroline Koo, Judith Glaser. Superficial Radial Nerve Injury Following Routine Phlebotomy.
      • Falguni Patel. Impact of Intracranial Hemorrhage on Speech on a Child with Collosal Agenesis.
      • Jaclyn Bonder, Doug Elwood, Jeff Heckman, Austin Pantel, Alex Moroz. Implementation of Peer Review into a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program and Its Effect on Professionalism. Selected for Oral Presentation.
      • Doug Elwood, Suzanne Gutierrez, Jaclyn Bonder, Jeff Heckman, Moshe Ben-Roohi, Alex Moroz. Examining ACGME Core Competencies: Resident and Attending Perspectives.
      • Joe Mejia, Caroline Koo, Mirielle Diaz, Christopher Lee. Bilateral Femoral Neuropathy as a Complication of Prolonged Labor During Vaginal Delivery: A Case Report.
      • Anjali Sinha, Doug Elwood, Alex Moroz. Total Joint Replacement in a 98 Year-Old Patient: A New Paradigm or a Cause for Concern?
    • Presented at AAPM&R 2009 Annual Assembly in Austin, Texas
      • Gender Differences Across Specialties: A Realtime Snapshot of Patient Expectations.
        Jaclyn H. Bonder, MD (NYU Langone Medical Center- Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, New York, NY); Daniel Blatz, BS, MPH; Douglas Elwood, MD; Jeffrey T. Heckman, DO; Alex Moroz, MD; Austin Pantel, B.S,
      • Healthy Elderly man wit Sudden Traumatic Bilateral Complete Quadriceps Tendon Rupture: A Case Report.
        Nickhil Gupta, DO (NYU; Hospital for Joint Disease, New York, NY); Arthur Jimenez, MD.
      • A Role for EMG in Carpal Tunnel Release Revision Surgery: A Case Report.
        Faguna Patel, DO (NYU Medical Center, New York, NY) Qiang G. Fang, MD; John M. Ventrudo, MD.
      • Bilateral Lower Extremity Atherosclerotic Embolic Painful Ulcerations with Unilateral Above-Knee Amputation: A Case Report.
        Salvador E. Portugal, DO (Rusk Institute of Rehabilittaion Medicine/NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY); Brian Im.
      • Bilateral Subtrochanteric Femoral Insufficiency Fracture in a 75-Year-Old Woman Receiving long-Term Alendronate Therapy: A Case Report.
        Andrew Illing, DO (Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York, NY); Moshe Ben-Roohi, MD; Mark V. Ragucci, DO.
      • Is Sacralization of the Lumbar V-Sacral I )L5-S1) Level a Predisposing Factor for the Early Development of Symptomatic Disk Degeneration at the Lumbar IV-V (L4-5) Level?
        Sheetal S. Deo, BS/DO (New York University Medical Center, New York, NY); Todd R. Lefkowitz, DO; Gerard P. Varlotta, DO.
      • Spontaneous Fracture after Long-term Use of Alendronate: A Case Report.
        Suzanne Gutierrez, MD (NYU-Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York City, NY); Mirielle Diaz; Alex Moroz, MD.
      • Traumatic Simultaneous Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture: A Case Report.
        Wai Leong Foo, DO (NYU Rusk Institute, New York, NY); James K. Chang, MD Arthur Jimenez, MD; Joyce F. Pines, DO.
      • Evaluating the Efficacy of a Hospital-Based Multidisciplinary Amputee Support Group.
        Jeffrey T. Heckman, DO (NYULMC/ RIRM, New York, NY); Jaclyn H. Bonder, MD; Jeffrey M. Cohen, MD; Douglas Elwood, MD.
      • Quadruple Amputee: A Case Report.
        Michal R. Sheps, DO (NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY); Jeffrey M. Cohen, MD; Susan Maltser.
  • 2010
    • Presented at AAP 2010, Bonita Springs, Florida
      • Maintaining High Suspicion for Pulmonary Embolism in Spinal Cord Injury Patients: A Case Report on a Patient with Multiple Myeloma, Matthew C. Diamond, MD, PhD. Abstract #134
      • Transverse Myelitis: Retrospective Review of Seven Cases with Different Etiologies, Nannette Pares, MD. Abstract #146
      • Nerve Root Trauma Following A Lumbar Puncture: A Case Report Jennifer Chung, MD. Abstract #154
      • Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain Due to Lumbar Stenosis with Acupuncture: Case Series Allyson C. Augusta, MD. Abstract #317
      • Hip Dislocation Following Minimally Invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty by Anterior Approach: A Case Report, Adam H. Silver, DO. Abstract #318
      • Is Unilateral Sacralization at the Lumbar V-Sacral I Level a Predisposing Factor for the Development of Early Degenerative Disc Disease at the Lumbar IV-V Level? Sheetal S. Deo, BS, DO. Abstract #324
      • A Case of Atypical Schwanomma, Rabinder S. Bhatti, DO. Abstract #356
      • Familial Spastic Paraparesis in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient, Amer Ansari, DO. Abstract #383
      • Cardiac Arrest in a 39 Year Old Female Following Barium Swallow Study in the Clinical Setting of Chronic Reflux Disease and Cigarette Smoking, Stephanie A. Webb, DO. Abstract #407
      • Rehabilitation of a 14 Year Old Boy with Osgood Schlatters Disease with Bilateral Tibial Tubercle Avulsion Fractures, Christopher R. Sellars, DO. Abstract #544
      • MA Effects of Integrating Technology Resources in a PM&R Residency Program on Resident Education, Eric T. Lee, MD. Abstract #552
      • Involvement in Scholarly Activities: Perceptions of PM&R Residents and Faculty, Mirielle Diaz, MD, MPH. Abstract #560
      • Significant Functional Gains in a Child with Cerebral Palsy After Correction of Atlanto-Axial Instability, Arabella A. Bull-Stewart, BA, DO. Abstract #564
      • 70 Year Old Asian Women with Complicated Course Leading to Hip Disarticulation and Successful Prosthetic Training, Nannette Pares, MD. Abstract #590