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January, 2010 - Congratulations to NYU Rusk residents Caroline Koo and Jennifer Chung, for their recent article on epidural steroid injections published in the Journal Techniques in Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management.  Click here for the paper.

February, 2010 - Program Director Alex Moroz, MD has been selected as a potential Examiner for the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (ABPMR), the certifying body of the specialty of PM&R.  Click here to read more about the ABPMR.

February, 2010 - The NYU Rusk Amputee Support Program was featured in the latest issue of NYU’s News & Views.  It is comprised of physicians, therapists, social workers, amputees, family and friends who meet every month to provide education and informational resources for amputees while creating an environment for social networking, peer mentoring and volunteer opportunities.  Click here for the article; click here for the NYU Amputee Support Group Website.

March, 2010 - The NYU PM&R program proudly welcomes our newest class of residents.  One of our most competitive classes in a decade we are very happy to have matched such a high percentage of our top choices.  To see a list of our incoming class of 2014 click here.

July, 2010 - Congratulations to the NYU Rusk residents whose abstracts have been selected for the Annual Assembly of PM&R in Seattle, Washington. Click here for a listing of abstracts.

August, 2010 - Dr. Alex Moroz and a group of PM&R program directors and residents have compiled and updated "Essential Articles" in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Click here for the publications.

September, 2010 - Dr. Moroz and NYU Faculty show that a brief intervention can result in sustained change in attitudes towards people with disabilities among PM&R residents. Click here to access the link for the full report.

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