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January, 2009- Announcing the administrative chief residents for the 2009-2010 year: Anjali Sinha, Caroline Koo, and Jeff Heckman. Congratulations! Click here to see who they are.

February, 2009- We are pleased to announce that we have created a method of facilitating resident feedback and the opportunity to contribute valuable ideas to improve our program. Click here for more information.

February, 2009- We would like to thank all those students who interviewed with us this season. It was a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to working with some of you in the future. It was a tremendous group. If you should still have any questions or would like to provide additional feedback on our process, please do not hesitate to Contact a Chief Resident. Good luck with the match!

February, 2009- Dr. Steven Flanagan, chairman of NYU PM&R, was featured in the inaugural issue of the new "purple journal", PM&R. Click here to read more.

February, 2009- Doug Elwood, PGY4, and colleagues appeared in the February issue of PM&R. Click here to read more.

March, 2009- Rusk is pleased to introduce its new Heparin Protocol to help enhance patient care. Click here to view full procedures and presentation.

March, 2009- Congratulations to all those just accepted in the match! We are excited to have you joining us. Click here to see the newest members of the NYU PM&R team.

March, 2009- The March issue of PM&R again highlights NYU PM&R residents and faculty, this time in an article exploring systems-based practice. Click here to read more.

April, 2009- We are pleased to announce an opening for attending physician at Bellevue Hospital Center. Please click here for more information.

April, 2009- Sports medicine volunteer opportunities available for Rusk residents. Click here to learn more.

April, 2009- The journal Geriatrics and Aging includes an article by Dr. Judith Glaser, PGY4, in its March issue. Click here to read more.

April, 2009- Doug Elwood, PGY4, and Caroline Koo, PGY3 authored an article in the April issue of PM&R. Click here to read more.

April, 2009- Congratulations to Dr. Alex Moroz, program director, who was once again selected to be an oral examiner for the ABPM&R.

May, 2009- Dr. Ira Rashbaum was selected to be the chairman of the AAPM&R study guide committee. Click here to read more.

June, 2009 - This month, many faculty members and residents from our department travelled to Turkey for a national symposium. Click here to read more.

October, 2009 - Don’t miss the October issue of the National PM&R Resident Newsletter, which contains an article by NYU Rusk residents and alumni, "The Potential of Information Technology in Today’s Health Care System and Beyond.” Click here to read more.

December, 2009 - Rusk hosted its 3rd Annual Spasticity Seminar and Injection Workshop on December 5, 2009, which included residents from six PM&R programs.  The keynote Speaker was Dr. Gerard Francisco, PM&R Chairman and Residency Director from the University of Texas at Houston; hands on injection workshops with ELVIS and ELVIRA models, as well as live patient demonstrations, were led by Rusk Chairman Dr. Steven Flanagan and Dr.Victoria Zhang of the Rusk Spasticity Clinic.  Click here for pictures from the event.

December, 2009 - The NYU PM&R 2009 Holiday Party was held at Christina's Restaurant on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 -- A special thank you to Chief Resident Anjali Sinha for organizing such a smashing success, with great food and drink, as well as musical entertainment provided by Justin Mendoza (PGY2) spinning.  Click here for pictures.


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