Program Leadership

There are many opportunities for residents to become involved in leadership within the program.  Leadership Tracks for first year residents, as well as a formal system of senior and junior Chief Residents provide experience in teaching, mentoring, and academic medicine.   Incoming residents are welcomed into the program with opportunities to join Leadership Tracks, which include those focused on teaching and learning, disability advocacy in the community, social events, alumni outreach, disciplinary actions, and technology.  Every year, six residents are chosen to be junior-level “Rusk Chiefs” in the second year of their program, coordinating the care of patients on the Musculoskeletal, Stroke, Cardiac, Pediatric, and Medically Complex Services.   Three PGY-4 residents are chosen as senior administrative chief residents, and each serves for 4 months of time coordinating program events including Grand Rounds and Didactic curriculum as well as responsibilities devoted to academic projects and program development.