Alex Moroz, MD


Dr. Moroz specializes in integrative musculoskeletal medicine, a rehabilitation approach in which traditional treatments such as exercise and medications are used in combination with complementary healing techniques such as acupuncture, t'ai chi and stress reduction. The conditions he treats range from neck, back, shoulder, elbow, knee and hip pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis, sprains, muscle pain or spasms, neuralgia, and tension headaches. He is a New York State-certified acupuncturist as well as an attending physiatrist.

Dr. Moroz brings a unique perspective to the treatment of painful backs, knees, hips and other musculoskeletal conditions. As the head of Rusk's Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine program, he has led the way in expanding the types of modalities used to treat these conditions. "Traditionally that's involved things like strengthening and stretching exercises, massage, water therapy, and injections. Currently I also use in-house resources like the NYU Mind Body Program, which offers education in meditation and stress reduction, as well as an excellent T'ai Chi program that's run by our physical therapy staff".

Dr. Moroz's other major area of focus is education. As Rusk's director of medical education and residency training, he supervises the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine's 40-plus residents as well as rotating medical students from NYU and other medical schools. He is involved in academic rehabilitation education at national and international level, and authored numerous professional publications. Medical acupuncture plays an important part in Dr. Moroz's approach. He personally gives acupuncture treatments to NYU inpatients and many of his outpatients. He also supervises 2 acupuncture externs once a week. Whatever therapies Dr. Moroz recommends based on his medical evaluation, he prefers to employ them simultaneously in order to maximize the healing process. "Regardless of what person or program offers it, if there's any little thing from which I think a patient will benefit, I'll use it," he says.

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Lab members/Coordinators

Jeffrey Yip

Ongoing and Current Projects

  • Success of blinding in acupuncture trials
  • Acupuncture database
  • Resident leadership experiences
  • Resident time study
  • Faculty comments associated with high resident ratings

Recent Publications

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