Anatomy Course '08

Education is the key component to the NYU PM&R residency training program and therefore, program leadership continuously strives to reach a delicate balance of learning and service.

The Residency Education Curriculum is organized into an 18-month cycle that covers all of the core topics covered by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This ensures that all residents will complete a full cycle of learning twice during their residency at NYU, once as a junior resident, and once as a senior resident.

The topics discussed in the Resident Lecture Series, Journal Club and Grand Rounds, described below, correspond to the topics of the 18-month cycle.

Core Curriculum 18-Month Cycle:

CNS 4 months Jan 2010 – Apr 2010
MSK 4 months May 2010 – Aug 2010
Neuromusc/PNS/EMG 2 months Sept 2010 – Oct 2010
P&O/Gait/Amputees 2 months Nov 2010 – Dec 2010
Pain/Interventional 2 months Jan 2011 – Feb 2011
Cardio/CA/Comorbs/tissue 2 months Mar 2011 – April 2011
Geri/Peds/Multidisc 2 months May 2011 – June 2011