Medical Genetics Evaluation

A genetics evaluation can identify and guide treatment of childhood and adult disorders, whether hereditary or not

Medical Genetics Evaluation at NYU School of Medicine

You, your child, or a member of your family have been referred for a genetics evaluation or consultation. Perhaps you have initiated the consultation yourself, without referral from a doctor.

You may have questions about what will happen, who will see you, and what kinds of tests will be done. You may not know what questions to ask and what kind of information you will receive.

Why is someone referred for a genetics consultation?

There are many reasons for referral, including:

  • Your child may have been born with a physical problem whose cause must be determined, or you may have been referred for possible prenatal diagnosis.
  • Your child may not be developing either physically or mentally as we would expect for his/her age.
  • You may have a condition that is suspected of being hereditary or you may have a history of hereditary disease in your family and want to know about the nature of condition, the possibility for treatment and the risk to family members.

About Genetics Evaluation