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African 9-Year-Old Comes To NYU Langone Medical Center for Heart Surgery

'Project Kids Worldwide' Organization Bankrolled Mantoulaye Mbaye's Trip from Senegal. Mantoulaye Mbaye's mood has improved considerably since she had a life-saving heart procedure in NYC. Even though Dr. Steven Colvin, former Chairman of Cardiac Surgery at the NYU Langone Medical Center, has passed away, his legacy lives on in the charitable organization he founded prior to his death.

Dr. Ralph Mosca, of the NYU Medical Center, explained that Young Mbaye was suffering from a leaky mitral valve. The damage was originally caused by a case of rheumatic fever. Her heart was working so hard it had swelled to the size of a grown man's heart. He added that failing to correct the condition would have led to major consequences down the road. "She could then suffer from things like bleeding from her lungs and eventually could have an arrhythmia or a very abnormal heart rate, which might lead to her demise," Mosca said.

Mosca performed open heart surgery on Mbaye and successfully repaired the mitral valve. The procedure, as well as any other care the girl may need, will be covered by Project Kids Worldwide.
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