Patient Meals

When first admitted to your room, you will be served the day's house meal selection.

On all subsequent mornings, you will receive a menu from which to choose your meals for the following day. Please have your choices ready to be collected by 1:00 p.m. each day.

Selections that conflict with your dietary requirements may be modified according to your physician's most recent dietary prescription.

Occasionally, medical treatment may require that your meals be delayed.

Special Requests

Kosher meals are available upon request at no extra charge.

Gourmet meals (diet permitting) and guest trays are available at an additional charge.

If your physician permits you to do so, you may visit the Smilow Café.

If you have questions about your diet or menu choices, please contact the dietary service:

From inside the hospital: 3-5178
From outside the hospital: 212-263-5178

Other Questions?
Contact a hospital operator at (212) 263-7300