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NYU Department of Ophthalmology Residency Program

Resident Benefits


The NYU School of Medicine offers assistance with housing needs through the Off Campus Housing Assistance Program (OCHAP) office. The office is a centralized referral and resource center, which provide residents with the following tools to assist in housing searches:

  • A knowledgeable and dedicated staff
  • Lists of realtors and landlords
  • Orientation materials on NYC neighborhoods and market information
  • Apartment, roommate and sublet listings
  • Computer terminals with access to the NYU housing database providing reduced fee or no fee apartment listings (limitations apply)
  • Information on additional benefits that may be available

The OCHAP office can be contacted at 212-263-3860 or at the following website:

In addition, MEETH offers subsidized housing to residents on the Upper East Side (63 rd Street between York and 1 st Avenues) on a seniority and first-come-first-serve basis. The apartments are spacious and convenient. Tours are available at the time of interviews. Further details on MEETH housing will be provided to residents upon acceptance to the program.


Ophthalmology residents at NYU/MEETH rotate between Bellevue and Tisch Hospital payrolls throughout the training period. In general, the payroll changes will occur yearly. All residents on Bellevue payroll are required to join the union, CIR (Committee of Interns and Residents). Through CIR, residents receive dental and vision services as well as additional benefits. For more information on CIR/SEIU, please refer to the following website:

Further details regarding benefits will be available during orientation and by visiting the following website:


Residents are entitled to four weeks paid vacation per annum. Such vacation shall be taken at a time in agreement with the provisions of the vacation policy of the Residency Training Program and the annual rotation schedule.


Residents are entitled to medical, family, personal and educational leaves. A leave of absence may be granted for up to one year. Conditions, such as appropriate medical clearance, must be met before the resident can return, and a deadline by which the resident must request termination of the leave for a place to be held in the appropriate class will be set by the Residency Training Program Director at the time leave is granted.

Professional Liability Insurance

Residents shall be provided with professional liability insurance coverage for the duration of training. Such coverage shall provide legal defense and protection against from claims reported or filed after the completion of the Residency Training Program. Such insurance coverage does not extend to outside employment.

Medical and Disability Insurance

Medical and disability insurance benefits will be made available to the Resident in accordance with the medical and disability insurance employee benefits of NYU Hospitals Center or Bellevue Hospital Center depending on which institution has the Resident on its payroll at the time. Further details regarding Medical and Disability insurance benefits will be available during orientation.

Resident Book Fund

Residents are eligible for reimbursement of up to $600 per academic year (July to June) for qualified academic expenses. Additionally, up to $1500 is available to senior residents for reimbursement of conference expenses.

Items that can be reimbursed as academic expenses are:

  • Medical Books, Audio, Video Tapes, Compact Discs
  • Work-related equipment (eg, PDAs)
  • Dues for Medical Specialty Societies
  • Subscriptions for Medical Specialty Journals
  • Medical License Application and/or Examination Fees
  • Specialty Board Examination Fees

Educational Services

The Medical Center has extensive resources for the enhancement of graduate education. The Department of Ophthalmology has kept pace with the advancement in modern technology and provides state-of-the-art computer facilities for use by its resident staff. These facilities include bibliographic search, word-processing, database software, slit-lamp digital photography, digital retina imaging, image scanners and slide production products designed to increase the efficiency of the resident. In addition, the Ehrman Medical Library contains up-to-date collections of journals and texts. Computers and online access are provided to residents in the conference/work rooms at each hospital.