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NYU Department of Ophthalmology Residency Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many positions does your program offer?
    There are seven positions available each year.

  2. What is your accreditation status?
    We received full accreditation from the Residency Review Committee during our last review.

  3. Do you accept foreign medical graduates?

  4. How many letters of recommendation are needed?
    In addition to the Dean's letter, three letters of recommendation from faculty members must be submitted.

  5. Are elective rotations available?
    Yes, two and four week elective rotations are available which include opportunities to see patients in clinic as well as observe surgery in the operating room at Bellevue , the VA Hospital, and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital .

  6. Is an elective rotation necessary for strong consideration as an applicant?
    No, but it is recommended.

  7. Are housestaff required to do research?
    Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in research. There are many research opportunities with our faculty. A number of our residents in recent years have published peer-reviewed journal articles. Others have received awards for their work. The attendings are eager to involve residents, if a resident chooses to participate.

  8. What are the didactic session like?
    We have morning lectures beginning at 7:15AM two to three times a week in all subspecialties. Our institution also hosts the Greater New York Clinical Ophthalmology Lecture Series on Wednesday evenings, which is held for residents from all over Manhattan . In addition, beginning in January, we attend Tuesday evening lectures at Beth Israel geared toward preparation for the OKAP exam.

  9. Is there a basic science course for the first years?
    Yes, The basic science course is taught by the faculty at NYU, and it generally runs from July to Thanksgiving. The lectures are two hours a day, 8:00-10:00 AM, when you will be excused from clinic.

  10. What are your minimum scores for USMLE, step 1 & 2?
    We do not have a minimum USMLE score requirement. Our program is highly competitive and the entire application is reviewed thoroughly. The USMLE Step 2 scores are not required at the time of the application process, however, must be submitted once you are selected into the program. USMLE scores are required for foreign graduates.

  11. Do your residents go on to competitive fellowships?
    Our residents have been very successful in obtaining their choice of fellowship positions, in every subspecialty, at the top programs in the country. In recent years, the large majority of graduating residents have gone on to fellowship training in all fields including oculoplastics, cornea, retina, glaucoma and pediatrics.

  12. Is subsidized housing available?
    Subsidizing Housing is available 64th street and 1st Ave near Manhattan Eye & Ear and near NYU Medical Center . See details under Benefits.

  13. When does your program start?
    There is a one-week orientation for all incoming interns, including Bellevue , NYU Medical Center and departmental sessions. Orientation is scheduled at the beginning of July of each academic year.