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Below is a list of published papers and accepted ARVO abstracts by current residents in the Department of Ophthalmology at NYU. This listing exemplifies our department’s dedication and commitment to resident research.

Published papers

PET/CT Imaging: detection of choroidal melanoma.
S Reddy, K Madhavi, LB Tena, AC Pavlick, PT Finger. Br J Ophthalmol 2005; 89: 1265-1269.

Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia one month after LASIK surgery.
S Reddy, PT Finger, EW Chynn, CE Iacob. Graefe’s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 2005.

Whole Body Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography Staging of Metastatic Choroidal Melanoma.
M Kurli, S Reddy, LB Tena, AC Pavlick, PT Finger. Am J Ophthalmol 2005; 140(2):193-199.

Whole Body PET / CT for Initial Staging of Choroidal Melanoma.
PT Finger, M Kurli, S Reddy, LB Tena, AC Pavlick. Br J Ophthalmol 2005; 89: 1270-1274.

Macular Infarction as a Presenting Sign of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.
J Shein, D Shukla, S Reddy, LA Yannuzzi, ET Cunningham, Jr. accepted for publication in Retina 2005.

HIV-Associated Retinopathy in the HAART Era.
D Goldberg, A Angelilli, L Smithen, W Freeman. Retina 25:633-649, 2005.

Coats disease in a vegetarian female.
A Ciardella, N Gross, A Angelilli, LA Yannuzzi. Br J of Ophthalmol 2004; 88: 970-971.

Photographic manual of retinal and optic nerve disease.
A Angelilli, J Slakter Optometric Management, October 2003 Supplement.

2005 CLAO Poster Presentations and Awards

Two case reports of infectious keratitis associated with daily disposable soft contact lens wear.
J Song, S Biser.
Recipient of 2005 Young Investigators Travel Grant Award.

The use of mini-scleral lenses for the correction of irregular astigmatism.
K Masselam, J Weyne, M Lee, S Mandelbaum.
Recipient of 2005 Young Investigators Travel Grant Award.

2005 ASCRS Research Grant Award

Central Corneal Thickness, Race, and Myopia.
NM Radcliffe, E Farris .

2005 ARVO poster presentations

PET/CT imaging for the initial staging of choroidal melanomas
L Tena, S Reddy, AC Pavlick, PT Finger.

Comparison of the change in corneal higher order aberrations with wavefront-guided Epi-LASIK versus wavefront-guided conventional LASIK using the LadarWave Custom Cornea platform.
J Wong, K Masselam, D Jardim, B Soloway, C Starr.

Reliability of perimetry: Measures of acuity, contrast sensitivity, and luminance detection.
JN Nam, M Kirzhner, CJ Clemens, K Holopigian, W Seiple.

The retinotopic distribution of localized attention assessed using the multifocal visual evoked potential.
M Kirzhner JN Nam , CJ Clemens CJ, K Holopigian.

Relationship between temporal frequency sensitivity and mfERG kernel responses in patients withretinitis pigmentosa.
E Park E, JN Nam, K Holopigian, W Seiple.

The Rate of Posterior Capsular Opacity in the Crystalens Accomodating IOL.
I Hsu.

Capsulopalpebral Fascia Hernia Repair for Lower Eyelid Palpebral Bags: A 5-Year Follow-up.
NM Radcliffe, FD Parsa.

Relationship Between Central Corneal Thickness and Refractive Error in Caucasian and African American Glaucoma Patients.
NM Radcliffe, J Stein, E Farris .

Giant Secondary Conjunctival Cysts: A Late Complication of Strabismus Surgery.
J Song, M. Kurli, PT Finger, HJ Wisnicki, CE Jacob.

Nomogram for the pre-operative prediction of ablation depth with custom cornea refractive surgery.
K Masselam, C Starr, B Soloway.

2005 AAO Paper Presentation

Whole Body PET/CT Imaging For Choroidal Melanoma.
S Reddy, PT Finger, M Kurli, LB Tena, AC Pavlick.