Adam Mar, PhD, Director, Rodent Behavior

Adam Mar Adam Mar, PhD, joined the faculty of NYU in 2014 as an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Physiology and Director of the Rodent Behavior Core. He obtained his PhD from McGill University conducting his thesis work on the behavioral effects of antidepressant and anxiolytic medications in rodent models of stress and affective dysregulation. His postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge specialized in the assessment of cognition in rodents – using genetic, pharmacological and behavioral approaches to characterize deficits in animal models and the impact of putative therapeutic agents with the aim of improving our understanding of, and treatments for, neurological and psychiatric disorders. Within the NEWMEDS (Novel Methods leading to New Medications in Depression and Schizophrenia) Consortium, he spearheaded the development and validation of several novel touch screen-based paradigms and analytic tools, selected as part of a preclinical battery of cognitive tests designed to improve translation in neuropsychiatric research.

As Director of the Rodent Behavior Core, Dr. Mar will establish and oversee a state-of-the-art behavioral facility for the comprehensive assessment of neurological function including the phenotyping of ‘normal’ animals as well as genetically-, pharmacologically-, surgically- or environmentally-derived rodent models. He will also provide support in research design, data analysis and interpretation, and continue to innovate behavioral methodologies geared toward improving cross-species translation and the validity and reliability of preclinical animal models.

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