RNAi Screening and Automation Core

The RNAi Core provides an integrated, state-of-the-art, RNA interference (RNAi) based high-throughput screening (HTS) facility at the NYU Langone Medical Center. The core offers screening libraries to researchers for cross-species functional characterization of whole genomes in a systematic, comprehensive, and cost-effective manner. Training on relevant equipment is also provided for researchers to perform their screens.

In addition, the core offers logistical, technical, and bioinformatic support in order to assist screeners in performing and interpreting their genome scale RNAi screens. Importantly, the RNAi Core is strongly committed to being fully accessible to the entire academic community, both at the national and international level, in order to facilitate inter-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations.

The core offers the following libraries for HTS:

  • Human annotated genome (Silencer Select siRNA library from Life Technologies)
  • Human mimic and inhibitor miRNA (mirVana libraries from Life Technologies)
  • Mouse genome (Silencer siRNA library from Life Technologies)
  • Mouse mimic and inhibitor miRNA (mirVana libraries from Life Technologies)
  • Drosophila whole genome and functional group subsets (dsRNA libraries in collaboration with DRSC, Harvard Medical School)

We also share resources with the Rockefeller University High-Throughput Screening Resource Center (HTSRC) so that NYU users will have access to chemical libraries through the HTSRC.

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