Microscopy Core: Fees

Cost of Service charges for NYU Investigators (fiscal year '16)

There will be service price changes for NYU Investigators effective July 1st 2016, reflected in the current listing. External non-profit organizations pay 175% of posted charges, while external for-profit organizations pay 250% of posted charges.

Light Microscopy 

Training $75.00/hr
Technical assistance $75.00/hr
Advanced technical assistance $125.00/hr
PersonalDV deconvolution microscope $38.00/hr
Nikon TIRF/Epi-fluorescent microscope $42.00/hr
Zeiss Observer microscope     $42.00/hr
Zeiss Lightsheet microscope $45.00/hr
Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 Stereo microscope $25.00/hr
Zeiss LSM700 Confocal microscope $50.00/hr
Zeiss LSM710 Multiphoton microscope $50.00/hr
Zeiss LSM880 Confocal microscope $60.00/hr
Leica SP5 II Confocal microscope $50.00/hr
Zeiss Axioplan fluorescence microscope         $22.00/hr
Long time-lapse $22.00/hr
Workstations/Volocity $15.00/hr
Image analysis $125.00/hr
Troubleshooting $250.00/hr


Electron Microscopy

Training $75.00/hr
Phillips CM TEM assisted use $75.00/hr
Phillips CM 12 TEM $50.00/hr
Phillips CM 200 TEM $60.00/hr
BOC Edword Carbon Evaporator $20.00 each
Standard TEM Morphology Processing $220/sample
Immuno Post-Embedding: LK4M,Cryo,HM20 $330/sample
Immuno Pre-Embedding Processing $385/sample
Whole mount immunolabeling $220/sample
Negative Stain $60.00/sample
Ultramicrotomy (unassisted) $18.00/hr
Ultramicrotomy thin section $88.00/sample
Ultramicrotomy Semi-thin section $55.00/sample
Tomography data collection $220.00 each
Liquid nitrogen $11.00 for 4 liters
Glass knife without boat $4.00 each
Glass knife with boat $5.00 each

Prices listed on the website are likely to increase by 3% annually, starting September 1st.