Microscopy Core: Fees

Cost of Service charges for NYU Investigators (fiscal year '14)
External non-profit organizations pay 175% of posted charges while external profit organizations pay 250% of posted charges.

Light Microscopy 

Training $60.00 hour
Technical assistance $60.00 hour
Nikon TIRF/Epi-fluorescent microscope $40.00 hour
Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 Stereo microscope $25.00 hour
Zeiss LSM510 Confocal microscope $42.00 hour
Zeiss LSM710 Multiphoton microscope $60.00 hour
Leica SP5 II Confocal microscope $46.00 hour
Digital fluorescence microscope $20.00 hour
PersonalDV deconvolution microscope $35.00 hour
Long time-lapse $20.00 hour
Workstations/Volocity $10.00 hour


Electron Microscopy

Training $60 hour
Phillips CM TEM assisted use $60.00 hour
Phillips CM 12 TEM $45.00 hour
Phillips CM 200 TEM $55.00 hour
BOC Edword Carbon Evaporator $10.00 each
Standard TEM Morphology Processing $200 sample
Immuno Post-Embedding: LK4M,Cryo,HM20 $300 sample
Immuno Pre-Embedding Processing $350 sample
Whole mount immunolabeling $200 sample
Negative Stain $55 sample
Ultramicrotomy(unassisted) $17.00 hour
Ultramicrotomy thin section $80.00 sample
Ultramicrotomy Semi-thin section $50.00 sample
Tomography data collection $200.00 each
Liquid nitrogen $10.00 for 4 liters
Glass knife without boat $3.00 each
Glass knife with boat $4.00 each

Prices listed on the website are likely to increase by 3% annually, starting September 1st.