Zeiss SCAI Film Scanner

YOU MUST BE TRAINED before using the scanner

Testing the Scanner

General Guidelines

  • Always use gloves
  • Always have something between the glass to prevent scratching
  • Never use compressed air sources (which inevitably contain water or
    oil). Use brushes to remove dust or clean glass while wet with glass
    cleaner - experts only
  • Transfer and Delete your images from the local disk immediately
    after scanning.  They won't be there when you return
  • Turn off scanner when no forseeable use later that day (to preserve
    lamp hours)

Turning on scanner:

  • Login as phodis user (maybe already logged in)
  • Connect to PC that controls the scanner (maybe already connected)

Open terminal window
Type: cu -l /dev/ttyd2

Observe response: Connected

  • Turn on power to scanner
  • Wait while scanner initializes and calibrates itself

Watch progress in terminal window where PC connected:

SCAI Rev. 3.20
*** 31.03.1999 ***
Copyright (C) 1994, 1999 by Carl Zeiss Oberkochen

System started at:
Wed Nov 03 23:03:50 1999
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
No. of gain-values cut to  2047: B    0 | G    0 | R    0
No. of gain-values cut to     0: B    0 | G    0 | R    0

No. of offs-values cut to  2047: B    0 | G    0 | R    0
No. of offs-values cut to -2048: B    0 | G    0 | R    0

Write back old scanner parameters.
ESC R 112 112
ESC C 17
ESC V 100
ESC T 19
ESC b r
ESC b g
ESC b b

---------- Initialization completed ----------

Gain-values and offs-values should all read zero as above

  • Start phodis software (dropdown menu from Toolchest or type psc)

Scanner should be "Connected"

  • Open your "project" by choosing Project -> Open

Setup Pre-scan:

  • Choose Setup -> Scan
  • Specify large Density range (0.01 - 2.0) for initial pre-scan  will
    refine this later on
  • Settings shown below should be generally correct for most people:
    • Resolution
    • Linearity
    • Polarity
    • Color Mode
    • Color Correction
    • CCD Normalization (every scan),
    • Photo Orientation

  • Press Ok
  • Choose Scan -> Pre-scan
  • Adjust box about where you expect the negative to be and Start

  • Press Adjust and move box to include image densities of interest.  Keep in mind that
    minimum OD range is 0.3 (ODmax - ODmin) and that ODmin seems not to work if > 1.1.

  • Press Adjust density to find out what OD values correspond
    to your box.   Press Reset if unsatisfied.
  • Press Close to have current density limits entered into Scan Setup
    (which you can change later)
  • Use the pre-scan image  to specify the boxed area you actually want to
    scan at high resolution (you can type exact number of mm in X and Y if
    desirable to have a defined box size)
  • Press close to return to main menu

Scanning the Image
Go to Scan -> Start

  • Go to Scan Settings Setup and fiddle ODmin and ODmax if necessary. 
    Also make sure Color Correction is not functioning to truncate densities
    (should be 0 as min and 255 as max) and refer to above Scan Settings
    for everything else
  • Go to Image settings Setup and change filename and make sure TLD
    format is specified.

Now Start scan (can watch terminal window to be sure normalization
proceeds normally)

File Conversion:
To convert directly from TLD to MRC format:

  • In terminal window, run program tld2mrc or tld2mrc_bs (forbyte-swapping)
  • This program must be run on klug and then ftp file elsewhere

To convert to TIFF and later to MRC format:

  • Choose Tools -> Convert Image
  • Specify filenames and click on Conversion to set TIFF options to be "scanlined"
  • Then ftp TIFF file elsewhere and use tif2mrc.exe to convert

Turning off the scanner:

  • Replace negative with white protective sheet (to prevent glass-on-glass scratching)
  • Exit phodis software
  • Turn off power switch

Leave the scanner connected and leave phodis user logged on