Phillips CM200

The Philips CM200 cryoelectron microscope for high resolution structure determination with field emission gun is operated at 200 kV. The microscope is equipped with Gatan UltraScan 1000 2kx2k CCD camera (bottom-mounted) and a TV-rate image intensified camera (Gatan 626). We have several cryoholders (Oxford 3500 and Gatan 626). Digital images can be acquired either with the Gatan Digital Micrograph or through TVIPS EMMenu 3.0, the latter of which is used for collecting tomographic tilt series.

This microscope is distinguished by its Field Emission Gun (FEG) and Computer-controlled Sample Stage (CompuStage). The FEG drastically increases beam coherence and brightness, substantially improving image quality with much higher resolution. The CompuStage allows the automated image acquisition required for electron tomography and also allows users to memorize specific specimen locations when searching for the best place to record their data.

Main Features of the Microscope

High Tension 20 - 200kV in 40-kV increments
Extractor Voltage Set at 4 kV maximum
Magnification 50 - 750,000x
Camera Length 30 - 265mm
Resolution 0.27nm(point), 0.14nm(line)
Column Vacuum Ultimate Pressure = 2.7x10-5Pa (IGP = 18)
X-Y Movement:
Max. travel: 2mm
Max. speed: 0.08mm/s.
Step resolution: 2nm
Reproducibility: 500nm
Drift: 1nm/2min
Loop: 100nm
Z Movement:
Meas. resolution: 7nm
Tilt Movement:
Eucentricity: 1.0um
Focusing 0.3um-10mm(LM Range), 3nm-100nm(M/SA Range)
Spot Size 10um-200nm(LM Mode), 2.0um-40nm(Microprobe), 100nm-2nm(Nanoprobe)