CM12 Cryoelectron Microscope

Philips CM12 Microscope

A 120 kV scope with a tungsten filament electron beam source is used for all our routine transmission electron microscopy services. The microscope is equipped with a Gatan 4k x 2.7k CCD camera (Gatan 785.CP17). Digital images are acquired through Gatan Digital Micrograph. All details of the operation of the microscope can be found in Philips Operating Instructions for CM12 Electron Microscope (Doc# PW6030), a copy of which is on the shelf in Room EM2.

CM12 Cryoelectron

Main Features of the Microscope

High Tension 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120kV
Emission Current 0 - 100uA
TEM Magnification 50 - 750,000x
Ratios of Mag. Values 1.000(Film), 0.888(Main-Screen), 0.560(Small-Screen), 0.313(35mm Camera), vary with camera and screen size(TV)
Camera Lengths 25 - 6,500mm in 16 steps
Max. Diff. Angle
(+/-º-SA diaphragm in um)
10º-none, 8º-800, 5º-200, 3º-50, 2º-15
Focussing (in 9 steps) 0.3um-10mm(LM Range), 3nm-100nm(M/SA Range)
Spot Sizes 10um-200nm(LM Mode), 2.0um-40nm(Microprobe), 100nm-2nm(Nanoprobe)
Goniometer Tilt Angle +/-45º
Specimen Movement 2mm in two perpendicular directions

Phillips CM12