Microscopy Core: Electron Microscopy

Current equipment in the Electron Microscopy Unit include:

  • Phillips CM12 transmission electron microscope with Gatan 4k x 2.7k digital camera
  • Philips CM200 transmission electron microscope with cryo holder, conventional film and Gatan 2kx2k digital camera capable of tomographic data acquisition
  • Leica UCT microtome
  • Leica EM UC6/EM FC6 cryo-ultramicrotome 
  • Leica glass knife maker
  • BOC Edward Auto 306 Evaporator
  • Gatan advance plasma system
  • PELCO BioWave® pro laboratory microwave system
  • BAL-TEC FSU 010 Freeze Substitution Unit
  • Zeiss AXIO upright microscope with AxioCam ER5s digital camera
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Compiled 3-dimensional tomographic electron microscopy reconstruction of an intercalated disc. Mario Delmar and Feng-Xia Liang, Heart Rhythm, 9(5) 835-838.