Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Core: Fees

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IHC Service Item/Task  Code  Unit Price
              Paraffin Sectioning Controls (4200)      
Seial sections, blanks slides 4201 Slide $2.25
TMA sectioning, blank slides 4211 Slide $8.00
                        TMA Construction (3400)      
TMA Set-up (Block & Key) 3400 Block $150.00
Paraffin Tissue Core Transfer 3401 Core $4.00
Macro Paraffin Tissue Punches 3402 Core $10.00
                      Chromogenic IHC (6100)      
Chromogenic Antibody-probe Optimization 6101 Slide $20.00
Chromogenic Routine Staining 6102 Slide $16.00
Chromogenic Manual Staining 6103 Slide $30.00
Chromogenic Antibody Verification 6104 Slide $10.00
Chromogenic Multiple Label Staining 6105 Slide $25.00
Positive/Negative Controls, Core Supplied TMA 6106 Slide $12.50
Aliquoted Antibody 6180 ul contact lab for further info
Other, Special Request 6199 n/a contact for lab further info
           Immunofluorescence IHC (6200)      
Immunofluorescence Antibody-probe Optimization 6201 Slide $12.50
Immunofluorescence Routine Staining 6202 Slide $9.25
Immunofluorescence Manual Staining 6203 Slide $25.00
Immunofluorescence Multiple Label Staining 6205 Slide $18.00
Positive/Negative Controls, Core supplied TMA (Immunofluorescence) 6206 Slide $5.00
Chromogenic Antibody-probe Optimization (Omni) 6107 Slide  $33.00
Chromogenic Routine Staining (Omni) 6108 Slide  $27.00
Chromogenic Antibody-probe Optimization (Ultra) 6109 Slide  $37.00
Chromogenic Routine Staining (Ultra) 6110 Slide  $30.00
Chromogenic Antibody-probe Optimization (HQ) 6111 Slide  $40.00
Chromogenic Routine Staining (HQ) 6112 Slide  $32.00
Chromogenic Antibody-probe Optimization (HQ-Tyr) 6113 Slide  $72.00
Chromogenic Routine Staining (HQ-Tyr) 6114 Slide  $58.00
Aliquoted Antibody 6280 ul contact for lab further info
Other, Special Request 6299 ul contact for lab further info


*Prices posted apply only to NYU members. For non-NYU investigators, please contact the IHC Core Director for further information.

 The components of pricing for each service include the cost of consumables, the cost for technician time for each service, and a small percentage of any associated service contracts. As with many of our services, the incremental cost of each procedure is affected by overall volume; as volume increases, we pass the resulting savings on to users in the form of reduced prices.

Prices listed on the website are likely to increase by 3% annually, starting September 1st.