Immune Monitoring Core (IMC)

Immune Monitoring Core

The Immune Monitoring Core (IMC) serves as a central facility for the incorporation of the newest technologies into phase I/II clinical trials using validated immunology assays, while also offering expert scientific and technical consultation to investigators conducting translational research. We follow the MIATA guidelines to standardize and validate immune assays and establish rigorous quality control standards. Our facility is equipped with highly specialized technology such as 2 Luminex 200 analyzers, a MagPix Luminex analyzer, a SpectraMax multifunction plate reader, a CTL ImmunoSPOT reader and a Seahorse XFe24 Metabolic analyzer.

The mission of the IMC is:

  • To develop and offer sophisticated immune monitoring assays to measure patients’ responses to vaccination and/or identify important biomarkers of clinical outcome.
  • To provide consultation on experimental and clinical trial design involving immune monitoring.
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