Analytical Chemistry Core: Fees

Metal Analysis Laboratory

Flame AA - $30/sample/metal
Graphite AA  - $40/sample/metal
XRF - $40/sample
Metals Analysis Laboratory sample preparation - $75/hour

The Metals Analysis Laboratory personnel are responsible for sample preparation. The laboratory will accept samples prepared by investigator's technicians provided that the methodology to be utilized is appropriate as evaluated by the laboratory manager. The clean room is available at no charge for users to prepare their samples for trace metal AA analyses, where the elimination of background contamination is essential. The sample preparation charges do not include the cost of consumables and instrument calibration for flame and graphite AA are included in the sample charges.

HPLC Laboratory

HPLC analysis (laboratory personnel) - $75/hour
HPLC analysis (training investigator technician) - $75/hour

The HPLC Laboratory charges investigators $75/hour to run samples or to train the investigator's technician to run the samples. Investigators are also responsible for the cost of consumables. When the investigator's technician has been trained and is running the samples, the cost is reduced to $25/hour of equipment time if the resource supplies the columns, buffers and sample tubes and $12/hour if the investigator supplies the consumables.

Instrument Services Laboratory

Instrument Services - $75/hour
HPLC analysis (training investigator technician) - call for quote

Prices listed on the website are likely to increase by 3% annually, starting September 1st.