1851: The medical school moves

The medical school moves to a new building on 14th Street at Third Avenue and Irving Place.

1848: New York Academy of Medicine

New York Academy of Medicine founded by Gunning S. Bedford, Lewis A. Sayre and others.

1847: New York City’s Almshouse Department

New York City’s Almshouse Department reorganized and a permanent Medical Board for Bellevue Hospital appointed.

1841: The school is founded

The school is founded as the Medical Department of the University of the City of New York, and opened in the Stuyvesant Institute at 659 Broadway, with a faculty consisting of Valentine Mott, John W. Draper, Granville Sharp Pattison, Gunning S. Bedford, John Revere, and Martyn Paine.

1816: New Almshouse Hospital

New Almshouse Hospital opens at Belle Vue Farm with beds for 200 patients under the care of two visiting and two house physicians.

1799: First maternity ward

First maternity ward in the United States established at the Almshouse Hospital.

1796: Almshouse Hospital moves

Almshouse Hospital moves to Chambers Street to a new 3-story building, financed by a New York City lottery.

1795: Temporary "fever hospital"

Temporary “fever hospital” opens on the Belle Vue Farm (on the East River near Kips Bay) during yellow fever epidemic.

1736: Almshouse Hospital

Almshouse Hospital, the 6-bed precursor to Bellevue Hospital, opens as America’s first public hospital.