Graduate Program in Neuroscience & Physiology at the School of Medicine

Neuroscience is a highly multidisciplinary field that encompasses basic, translational, and clinical research, from molecular and cellular neurobiology to cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. The Graduate Program in Neuroscience & Physiology (GPNP) at NYU School of Medicine embraces this inherent diversity as the foundation for a robust program that intersects with many basic and clinical departments throughout NYU.

The GPNP provides comprehensive training in neuroscience that positions our students to attain success and make significant contributions to the field. It combines a rigorous, intellectual program of study and research with an interactive, collegial sense of community.

  • We have developed a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to the needs of our students, who come to our program with a broad range of interests and from diverse educational backgrounds. Courses stress analysis and discussion of the primary literature and provide training in key skills necessary for a career in the biomedical sciences.
  • Students can choose from approximately 80 faculty mentors for their thesis research. Look through a complete list of our program's core and associate faculty trainers, which includes links to their individual or lab webpages.
  • From first year lab rotations, the qualifying exam, and the thesis defense, students receive regular guidance and mentoring from faculty and are evaluated at important milestones to ensure that they progress successfully through the program. Read more about mentoring and milestones for our graduate students
  • In addition, students attend journal clubs, weekly student/postdoc research seminars, the weekly joint Neuroscience Colloquium, and additional annual community events, such as our spring retreat held in upstate New York.

The GPNP operates within the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences Open Program, a division of the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. With approximately 80 graduate training faculty and over 40 current students currently in the program (including MD/PhD candidates), it is the largest of the 13 Sackler training programs.

For a concise overview of the program, including its curriculum and participating training faculty, please download our brochure. You can also contact representatives of the graduate program listed here.