Clinical Training for Nephrology Fellows

Bellevue Hospital Center and Department of Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Health Care System:

The renal fellow is exposed to all aspects of clinical nephrology in the first year of the fellowship. The fellow, supervised by full-time or clinical faculty, serves as a consultant for inpatients with acute and chronic renal diseases at both Bellevue and the Manhattan VA Hospital. The renal fellow performs all procedures on their patients, including renal biopsies and the placement of temporary catheters for acute hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) is also performed by the renal division. In addition to inpatient management, fellows attend an outpatient clinic one morning a week, and participate in the care of chronic hemodialysis patient at the VA hospital and peritoneal dialysis patients at Bellevue.

NYU Hospitals Center:

The renal fellow is exposed to renal transplant recipients. In collaboration with the transplant surgeons and transplant nephrologists, the renal fellow participates in the care of renal transplant patients both on the inpatient service and in the outpatient clinic. The renal fellow performs all renal transplant biopsies. The renal fellow is also responsible for the care of patients receiving CRRT and serve as a liaison between attendings and housestaff on inpatient consultations. The fellow spends one month in the Renal Pathology laboratory under the supervision of our renal pathologist, learning to interpret renal biopsies and providing clinico-pathologic correlations.