Submitting to the IRB

New Studies (Initial Submissions)

  1. Determine if your project meets the definition of Human Subjects Research
  2. Determine the type of review your project will require from the IRB (IE: Exempt, Expedited or Full Board)
  3. Use the Research Navigator to establish your study's profile. 
  4. When you're ready, use Research Navigator to submit your study to the IRB (and all other relevant OSR administrative offices and ancillary review committees)
  5. There are still a few IRB forms you need to fill out and upload to your study profile in Research Navigator in special circumstances. These include the IRB addenda for vulnerable populations and requests for waiver of authorization of informed consent.
  6. If you have questions, consult the IRB's Guidance document appropriate to your project. If, after consulting the guidance, you still have questions, please contact us or reserve a block of time with one of our Scientific Managers who can assist you with your submission.

Submitting Items for an Existing (Approved) Study

Use the Research Navigator System to submit modifications, continuations, reportable new information and study closures.

Accessing Research Navigator Outside of the NYULMC Network

The Research Navigator system lives behind the NYULMC network firewall. For access offsite you will need to log in via For detailed instructions on how to access Research Navigator offsite please watch this video presentation: