CITI Training & Your CITI Certificate

The Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) program was developed by experts in the "IRB community" and consists of two “Basic” courses in the Protection of Human Research Subjects for Biomedical as well as for Social/Behavioral Research. 
CITI also offers case based “Refresher Courses” for continuing education (see refresher course instruction below).

The NYU SoM IRB requires all NYUSoM and NYUMC faculty and staff listed as members of a human subject research study team to obtain the following CITI certification.

For those carrying out Biomedical Human Subjects Research: complete the Basic Course for Biomedical Research and the Course on Good Clinical Practice (effective as of September 2016)

For those carrying out Social/Behavioral Human Subjects Research: complete the Basic Course for Social/Behavioral Research

For NYU SoM Researcher conducting Data or Specimens research only: complete Data or Specimens course: contains 7 modules * please note if you have completed the Biomedical course you do not have to complete this course section.

For Students conducting no more than minimal risk research: complete Students conducting no more than minimal risk research course – contains 24 modules

For IRB Staff: complete IRB Staff course – 31 modules 

*Your sponsor or PI may require completion of additional modules. Please check with them to ensure you obtain certification in all relevant training modules.

Click here to access the CITI Program modules:

Institutional Affiliation

  • Ensure that you are affiliated with New York University – School of Medicine/Medical Center (not New York University) so that the correct modules appear.
  • If you have recently been hired from another institution, you must update your affiliation and take the modules required for this institution.

Certification Expiration,

  • Once the required modules are completed, the certification is granted and remains active three years past the date of completion.
  • Completion of the refresher course is necessary. Once the refresher has been taken once, you will be prompted to complete the full course again upon expiration.

Access Issues

  • Should you forget your username or password to gain access to the CITI program system, you should use the Forgot username/password feature on the homepage of the website. Click here to access:
  • In the event that you no longer have access to the email affiliated with your CITI account, you will need to contact the CITI program helpdesk.

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