For Researchers

This section is for investigators and research staff. It is composed of several sections laid out in the order in which you will conduct your research study.

The first section, Submitting to the IRB, covers all of the types of submission you will send to the IRB during the life of your research study, as well as detailed instructions on how to submit them.

For experienced research staff, we've consolidated all of the IRB's applications, forms, consent/assent/authorization templates and guidance documents into a single Forms & Templates Library. Note that because of the rollout of theĀ Research Navigator System, most IRB forms are no longer needed; they are incorporated into the electronic submission process of Research Navigator.

All of the rest of the information that may be of interest to research staff has been grouped under the FAQ section, including NYU SoM's FWA, the fee schedule for IRB review of sponsored research, Research Match for investigators, other review boards you may wish to consult, translation services, a glossary of terms and useful external web links.