Continuing Education

At NYU SoM IRB we provide continuous training and education for IRB members throughout their service on the IRB. Members are the cornerstone of ethically grounded human subjects research. Therefore the decisions made by the IRB must be consistent with current federal regulations and NYU SoM IRB policy requirements. Educational activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Monthly Educational Sheets (see Blue Sheets Archive, below)
  • In-service training at IRB meetings
  • Bi-annual training workshops
  • New information that might affect the human research protection program; including emerging laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and ethical and scientific issues
  • Unlimited access to the IRB Office resource library
  • Attendance at the annual PRIM&R/ARENA Conference
  • Attendance to regional conferences related to human research protections

AAHRPP Presentation November 11, 2010

Audio: AAHRPP Cohen presentation 11-11-10.mp3 
Slides:Required Findings Determinations

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are utilized to assist Members in understanding of the responsibilities of a New IRB member and to provide refresher information. Modifications may be necessary to update presentations to ensure they follow the most recently approved regulations. Please be sure to check back for revisions. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IRB office.

New IRB Member Presentation
2010 Continuing Education – Member Refresher: Specimen Banking | Pregnant Women | Nonviable Neonates | Neonates of Uncertain Viability | Subjects with Limited Capacity | Data Safety Monitoring Plans (DSMP)
2009 Continuing Education- New Member Refresher: Conflict of Interest | International Research | Genetic Research | GINA | Data and Tissue Repositories | *NEW* Capacity to Consent Policy | Informed Consent Process | 111 Findings

Blue Sheets Archive

At each meeting, Members are forwarded a blue sheet on relevant/current topics in human research subject protection education. This section has been created for members to peruse and access easily as needed. More will be added as they come available so please check back.

February 2011: Minimizing Risks
January 2011: The Belmont Report
December 2010: Continuing Reviews
November 2010: DSMP
October 2010: Limited Capacity
September 2010: Pregnant Women
August 2010: Specimen Banking
July 2010: Minimal risk: definition and application
June 2010: Enrolling (Pregnant) Women in Clinical Trials
May 2010: Classification of Clinical Investigations of a Medical Device
April 2010: Assent of Minor
March 2010: Scientific Review
February 2010: Tissue Banking and the IRB
January 2010: The Belmont Report
December 2009: Things that Vex Sponsors about IRB Reviews
November 2009: Risk/Benefit Analysis
October 2009: Protocol Specific Findings
September 2009: IRB Review Standard
August 2009: Substantive IRB Review
July 2009 : International Research, Genetic Research, Federal Regulations requirements and hot topics in human research subject protection
June 2009: Rethinking Informed Consent
May 2009: Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)
April 2009: Reviewing Genetic Research
March 2009: Reviewing International Research
February 2009: Amendments
January 2009: The Belmont Report
December 2008: Continuing Reviews
November 2008: What is a Vulnerable Subject?
October 2008: Presenting Primary Reviews – Dos and Don’ts
September 2008: The differences between protecting privacy and maintaining confidentiality