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NYU Interventional Radiology Team

Our clinical team includes interventional radiologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and technologists. Even though the procedures in vascular and interventional radiology are minimally invasive, extreme care is taken to make our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible and ensure that each procedure is performed in a safe and skillful manner. Our physicians are highly trained with expertise encompassing the full spectrum of vascular and interventional procedures. Our nurses are highly experienced in caring for patients with both simple and complex medical conditions, and they have backgrounds in critical and intensive care. Our technologists are highly trained in operating the complex imaging equipment used in our interventional suites.

NYU Medical Center also offers three ACGME-accredited fellowship positions in vascular and interventional radiology. Learn more about our fellowship program.


Hearns Charles, M.D., Fellowship Director and Interim Section Chief
Richard Lefleur, M.D. (Bellevue Hospital)
Hillel Bryk, M.D. (Bellevue Hospital)
Eric Aaltonen, M.D.
Sean Farquharson, M.D.
Sandor Kovacs, M.D.
Jonathan Gross, M.D.(Manhattan VA)
Divya Sridhar, M.D.

Physician Extenders

Larry Malzberg, P.A. (HJD) - Physician Assistant
Stephen Pilch, R.R.A.


Jane Denuto, R.N., Nurse Manager
Jill Riviello, R.N.
Michele Roberts, R.N.
Anna Punzalan, R.N.
Reginald Fernandez, R.N.
Lydia Caberto, R.N.
Shirley Bailey, R.N.
Kaycian Brown-De Verteuil, R.N.
Robyn Vaughan, R.N.
Jocelyn Lo, R.N.
Catherine Nunn, R.N.
Soo Li, R.N.

Danielle Chevalier , R.N.
Cynthia Fung, R.N.
Jeffrey Goldberg, R.N.
Margaret Pendall, R.N.
Suzana Tan, R.N.
Mary Jean Williams, R.N.

Anna Zapata , R.N.
Erinn Burke, R.N.
Dayra Vergara, Nursing Assistant

Radiology Special Procedures Technologists

Yvette Way, R.T., Lead Technologist
Cindy Tang, R.T.
Kemlesh Sharma, R.T.
Edmund Decuir, R.T.
Lisa Lebid, R.T.
April Deminsky, R.T.
Edward Chester, R.T.
Fernando Paredo, R.T.


CT Technologists

Jeannie Mercedes
Bannie Valerio
Danvet Morris
Nicholas Edusei
Miguel Lopez
Safia Syed

Administrative Staff

Manuel Cabral, Logistics Manager
Belinda Crichlow
Jennifer Gibson-Pitt

Hearns Charles, M.D.

Sandor Kovacs, M.D.

Larry Malzberg, P.A.

Our nurses and technologists

Technologist Ray Decuir

Belinda Crichlow and Joyce Gittens, Administrative Assistants for the Section of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (212-263-5898)