• Learning Analytics and Medical Images
    The purpose of this study is to take a fine-grained look at how learners interact with medical images and video within multimedia educational modules. The study will result in a widely-applicable conceptual model for defining and using learning analytics with medical images.

    The proposed project has two specific aims: (1) To develop detailed data models for MedU clinical media and the cognitive processes undertaken by learners considering the media in a simulated clinical context, and (2) to demonstrate that the data model can improve learning for MedU students.

    This project is funded by MedU. MedU advances medical education through collaborative development, maintenance, and research of innovative and comprehensive computer-assisted instruction programs.

  • NYU Health Care by the Numbers Curriculum
    This project, funded by the American Medical Association (AMA) Accelerating Change in Medical Education (ACE) Initiative, creates a flexible, individualized, technology-enabled curriculum to improve care coordination and quality improvement. The foundation for the curriculum will be a virtual patient panel containing de-identified patient data from NYU Langone Medical Center's physician network practices to immerse students in a real-world clinical setting. Students will also create an ePortfolio with a dashboard for tracking their competence development. The virtual patient panel can be used after students graduate to support a lifelong learning framework in which physicians can input their own patient data. To learn more about the AMA ACE initiative, visit their website.

  • Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation (Triola) NYU3T: Teaching, Technology, Teamwork
    NYU School of Medicine and New York University College of Nursing are collaborating on a four year project funded by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation to support the development of NYU3T: Teaching, Technology, Teamwork, which provides NYU medical and nursing students with longitudinal exposure to systematic interprofessional education in the competencies of team-based care. This program will foster collaborative learning between our nursing and medical students, and generate the evidence base needed to inform the use of a technology-enhanced, interprofessional curriculum to efficiently teach a large and diverse group of healthcare learners. It will leverage NYU’s current and evolving curricula, combined with innovative web-based educational tools, to provide our learners with a longitudinal panel of virtual ambulatory patients that serve as the exemplars by which interprofessional teaching occurs.

  • CDC/AAMC (Blaser) Psychosocial Aspects of Bioterrorism: Education for Readiness and Response
    This project, funded by the CDC, is developing, implementing, and evaluating an innovative, modular CME program for physicians and other health professionals to address the need for training in critical competencies in respect to bioterrorism response: the care of individual patients, the care of self and colleagues, and the role of the physician as a community leader, especially in respect to risk communication.

  • National Library of Medicine 1R01LM009538-01A1 (Kalet) Randomized trial of educational outcomes of Web Initiative in Surgical Education
    The specific aim is to conduct a two year, three-armed randomized controlled trial comparing the impact of two design approaches to Web Initiative in Surgical Education (WISE-MD) modules, with differing levels of interactivity, to one another and to the standard clinical clerkship experience. The trial evaluates the WISE-MD modules' impact on cognitive and affective outcomes in novice medical students, while controlling for possible effects of learner and design variables at seven United States schools of medicine.

  • National Science Foundation IIS-0537252 (Grimm) Exploiting the Edge: A Web-Based Content Management and Delivery System to Enable Rigorous Assessment of the Impact of a Rich Media Educational Intervention on Clinical Competence
    This investigation, in collaboration with the School of Computer Science, is funded by the National Science Foundation to develop new tools and new assessment techniques for multimedia teaching applications. This project also proposes to build a technical infrastructure for dissemination of content globally using a trusted network.

  • National Library of Medicine G08 LM008806-01 (Levin) NYU Medical Center Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems (IAIMS)
    The specific aims of this NLM grant are to: 1) Create a key set of opinion leaders in research, education, patient care, and administration; 2) Develop an educational culture that is multi-disciplinary-team-based and patient-centered; 3) Extend our existing digital library program components to maximize interoperability and integration; 4) Develop a plan for a continuous assessment process that will ensure the appropriateness of the tools and content and demonstrate the impact on the NYUMC community of this learning system.

  • National Science Foundation ESI-0525171 (Brownstein) Physical Computing for Students and Teachers
    Funded by the National Science Foundation's Information Technology Experiences for Students program, this project implemented a curriculum in physical computing with a group of underserved students in New York City.