IIME Mobile Strategies and New Developments - January 2014 Update

The following is a brief summary of IIME's initiatives using mobile technologies:

Student iPad Project

This program is intended to facilitate easy access to educational and clinical mobile resources for all students entering Stage 2 of the curriculum. The iPad minis, which fit easily in a white coat pocket, will be provided to students with a series of recommended apps and resources to aid in their clerkship experiences. A mobile device management profile in AirWatch will be created to allow students to access a curated NYULMC/NYUSM app catalog that will include custom applications that have been developed within IIME’s Division of Educational Informatics and are not available via the Apple app store.

The goals of the Student iPad Project are to:

  • Create a ubiquitous and uniform e-learning environment for NYU School of Medicine by providing medical students and key teaching faculty with iPad minis;
  • Create a new platform for student and faculty collaboration, peer teaching, and team-based learning;
  • Develop an iPad-enabled curriculum for C21 through the creation of new mobile apps, e-books, and dynamic content, as well as adapting our current e-curriculum to be iPad-compatible;
  • Collaborate with MCIT to manage application catalogs and support the iPads for students and teaching faculty.


Pilot Projects

Improving Patients’ Experience of Care: Residents Afternoon Rounding Using iPads for Patient Education

This pilot project sponsored by Dr. Andrew Wallach of the Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM), involves using iPads as tools to improve patient engagement and satisfaction. It focuses on the use of iPad minis by residents on the Bellevue Medicine service to engage patients in discussion of their care during afternoon rounding. The tablets will be equipped with an interactive 3D anatomy application with a shared collection of common conditions to aid in bedside conversations with patients.


Original Mobile Application Development

BioDigital Human

IIME will be delivering BioDigital Human to NYULMC students through a new mobile application beginning January 2014. This mobile app, developed by BioDigital Systems, is available for iPads and iPhones and is unique in that it syncs with NYU’s existing group account, making student and faculty-created bookmarks available to the NYU School of Medicine community. Additional features, such as the image annotation and sharing feature, have attracted interest from physicians for patient engagement and education purposes.



Through collaboration between DEI and DEQA, IIME is developing a new iPad application called PRIMES. The application facilitates structured feedback sessions for NYULMC medical students during their clerkship rotations. Through the iOS app, students are given the opportunity to self-assess their development of clinical skills and enter learning goals. Once they have completed this process, preceptors can then review and refine stated learning goals, and provide direct feedback to the student. The app is currently being piloted with students and faculty and will be available for general use in Spring 2014.


Original iBook Authoring

GI iBook - Key Concepts in Managing Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This briefer focuses on clinical management of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis for gastroenterology fellows. The electronic format affords participants easy access to content previously offered in a hard-copy pocket guide. The iBook has been well-received by the Division of Gastroenterology and the fellows who have been provided with the download. Expansion of the iBook is currently under discussion.


Anatomy iBook - Virtual Prosections

In this iBook, the Division of Educational Informatics and anatomy faculty, coupled anatomy lectures with 3D graphics to form Virtual Prosections. The electronic book is designed to improve existing video-based anatomy resources for NYULMC students and serves as a publicly available anatomy course companion that can be distributed via the iBooks store for iOS devices.

Saturday, January 18, 2014