Neuro Rehabilitation

Neuro Rehabilitation (9 North) is a 20-bed unit focusing on patients with traumtic brain injury, and also includes other neurological conditions such as spinal cord injury, cerebral vascular accident, multiple sclerosis, Guillian-Barre, and cerebral palsy. As a team, we deliver high quality care tailored to each patients special needs. Medical, nursing and a combination of speech, occupational and physical therapies are provided using an interdisciplinary approach. 9 North is a team-oriented nursing unit. As 9 North nurses we build therapeutic relationships with the patients and their families via the primary care nursing delivery model. AsĀ 9 North nurses we feel very fulfilled and rewarded by being able to see the patients progress and satisfaction throughout their recovery period to their maximum level of function.

Our Facilities

  • Orientation program for patients with post-traumatic amnesia
  • Bladder and bowel training
  • Fall prevention strategies
  • Special pressure-relief beds
  • Patient and family education groups
  • Interdisciplinary team rounds
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Recreational therapy

Staff Quality

We look for open-minded, team-oriented, approachable, flexible, responisble, reliable people to care for the special needs of our patients.


Nurse Manager: Marlene Clarke RN BSN
Nurse Educator: Gweneth Irish RN BSN ONC