Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care

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At NYU Langone, we promote a family-centered culture, where children and their families are integral members of the healthcare team. We recognize that we achieve better medical results, improved safety, and higher-quality care when our healthcare providers partner with children and their families. We know that each family is unique, and that as a family member, you are a constant in your child’s life as well as an expert regarding your child’s abilities and needs.

To complement our medical services and to support families, we offer comprehensive psychosocial and wellness services through the Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care.

Named after a mother who devoted her life to her family, the Sala Institute is the first of its kind in mission and structure. It is comprised of four interrelated centers devoted to care, research, education, and training in support of family resilience; family experience; patient safety and quality; and education, learning, and innovation.

Center for Child and Family Resilience

Psychosocial support and wellness services play essential roles in the overall experience of healthcare and in the results of treatment. Through the Center for Child and Family Resilience, we offer child life, creative arts therapies, social work, psychology, integrative health, nutrition, pain management, palliative care, and chaplaincy services.

Center for Child and Family Experience

A consistent partnership between parents and healthcare providers is central to the culture of family-centered care. The Center for Child and Family Experience promotes the integration of family perspective into the fabric of daily life at NYU Langone.

This Center is the home for a Family Advisory Council and a Youth Advisory Council. Members of these councils play an active role in providing perspectives and recommendations that will guide decisions regarding all aspects of our programs and services designed for children and families.

Center for Patient Safety and Quality

Specialists within the Center for Patient Safety and Quality provide expertise about current patient safety practices, establish best practices, and promote their implementation, in order to promote the overall quality of care and safety of our patients.

Center for Education, Learning, and Innovation

To help advance and support our family-centered culture, experts at NYU Langone and throughout New York University are collaborating to develop innovative educational approaches to support learning for patients and their families, staff, and faculty. We are also working to develop and refine organizational systems that promote a family-centered culture and enable the rapid development and adoption of successful new practices.

The Sala Institute Story

Established in 2013, the Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care was created and named through a leadership gift from Trudy Elbaum Gottesman and Robert Gottesman. It is a tribute to Trudy’s mother, Sala.

Living in Poland, Sala was 13 years old when World War II started and she was sent to a labor camp. She never again saw her parents, her two younger siblings, and many other members of her family. After the war, she emigrated to the United States with her husband Izak, also a Holocaust survivor, and devoted the rest of her life – until her death at age 52 – to her family.