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Francesca Balordi
Former Graduate Student

Contact Information

Contact Information
Home phone 212 4730086
Mobile: 917 6645513
e-mail: francescabalordi@yahoo.it
Company website: www.medicusintny.com <http://www.medicusintny.com>

Lab Contribution

8/03 – 1/08: In this period Francesca worked in the Fishell as a Ph.D. student. She was involved in the study of Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway in telencephalic stem cells maintenance, in perinatal and adult mice. In particular she focused on understanding whether Hh is required for establishing the subventricular (SVZ) stem cell niche and/or maintaining neurogenesis in this germinal center throughout adulthood. The title of her thesis was: "Analysis of the requirement for Hedgehog signaling in perinatal and adult SVZ stem cell niche within the mouse telencephalon".

Previous Training

10/01-7/02 - Junior research fellow in molecular and cell biology in the Laboratories of the Department of Experimental Oncology at the European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy. Here I studied the function of candidate kinase proteins involved in cancer, previously selected by expression analysis in matched normal and tumor tissue array by In Situ Hybridization.

9/96-7/01 - Degree obtained in Medical Biotechnology at "UniversitÓ Statale di Milano", Italy. Thesis title: "Identification of new genes involved in acute T-lymphoblastic leukemia pathogenesis, using macro-arrays".

Here I was involved in the identification of new genes involved in acute lymphoblastic leukemia pathogenesis, I analyzed the differential expression of several unknown genes selected from a human c-DNA library of thymus.

Current Role
5/08 – present: Working in a medical education agency, supporting pharmaceutical companies in developing activities involved in drug development, such as publication of emerging therapies' clinical data, preparation of educational programs, competitive intelligence analysis at major clinical congresses, and landscape reviews of relevant therapeutic areas.