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Fluorescence Microscope
Gamma Counter
Real-Time PCR
Scintillation Counter
TLC Plate Reader
Department of Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Medicine Shared Equipment Facility

The Facility is located in New Bellevue Hospital Room 17 East 1 and is available to all investigators in the Department of Medicine. For security reasons, you must be assigned a unique access code for entrance to the Facility. Contact Tuere Wilder at 263-6275 or to make an appointment to get your access code. Please review the Policies and Procedures of the Facility (below); a request for access will be considered acceptance of all terms.

Click on any of the links at left for information about equipment and accessories.

For your convenience:

  • There is a humidified CO2 (5%) incubator available for investigators performing experiments with live cells.
  • A conversion program is on all of the PCs so they can read and save to Mac disks.
  • Each of the computers is configured to print over the network to the color laser printer in the Facility.
  • The imaging system computers are equipped with CD burners.

Policies and Procedures

  1. No food or drink is allowed in the Facility.
  2. Never give your access code to anyone. If another member of your laboratory requires access, another code will be assigned.
  3. You may use the incubator only while you are in the Facility, not for routine tissue culture.
  4. Reservations are required for use of the fluorescence microscope, real-time PCR, spectrophotometer and TLC Plate Reader.
  5. You may not store your data on any of the hard drives within the Facility. All computers are networked and have Zip drives, so please remove your data from the computers at the end of each session.
  6. You may not dispose of used pipettes, tips, cuvettes, etc. in the Facility. All waste must be removed when you leave.
  7. All first-time users are required to attend an instruction session given by Phoebe Recht. This may be scheduled simultaneously with access code assignment.
Your cooperation is appreciated.


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