Anticoagulation Service

Anticoagulation Service

The Anticoagulation Service at NYU Langone includes a medical director and a team of nurse practitioners who provide personalized care for people who need anticoagulation therapy (blood thinners) to prevent or treat a blood clot. These blood thinners may be taken by mouth (Coumadin) or injected into the skin (Lovenox, Arixtra, or Fragmin).
Abnormal blood clotting can occur in people with:

  • heart valve replacements
  • irregular heartbeat, such as atrial fibrillation
  • cancer or those who receive certain chemotherapy drugs
  • severely restricted mobility due to a chronic illness or surgery
  • certain underlying blood clotting disorders

Blood clots can cause a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolus in the lungs, heart attack, or stroke if they interfere with blood flow.

Our experts work closely with your referring physician to develop and implement the care plan that will be most effective for you. Through collaborative care and careful monitoring, our team can prevent and treat blood clots and any side effects that occur, including problems with bleeding.

Make an Appointment

Patients who being treated by an NYU Langone physician can receive care from the Anticoagulation Service.
For more information, please call 212-263-0980. Your doctor can complete an electronic referral via EPIC or fax a referral form to us at 646-754-9579.

Your Visit

During your first appointment, a nurse practitioner who specializes in anticoagulation therapy will review your medical history and give you a blood test to adjust your anticoagulation medication if needed.
Based on the results of your blood test and medical history, we will work with you and your doctor to develop a personalized care plan that will include:

  • Periodic, in-office blood tests (finger-stick) to monitor your INR levels, which indicate the degree of blood thinning, and to adjust your anticoagulation therapy as necessary
  • Computerized reporting of blood test results to your referring physician
  • Prescriptions for anticoagulation medications based on your blood test results
  • Education about anticoagulation medications
  • Monitoring for potential drug or diet interactions
  • Instructions when to seek medical attention
  • Discussion of any concerns you may have related to anticoagulation

Our Anticoagulation Service is led by David L. Green, MD, PhD, a hematologist who specializes in treating people with clotting disorders, and Maria Brillant, RN, ANP, Senior Director of Advanced Practice Nurses.