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FAQs for Patients

Does a radiologist read my CT Scan?
Yes. Every dental CT scan at NYU is read by one of our Board Certified Nueroradiologists. Unlike many other imaging facilities, the cost of our radiologistís diagnostic interpretation is included in the cost of the scan (there is no additional charge.) Our neuroradiologist review relevant anatomical details critical to the evaluation of the maxilla and mandible and adjacent soft tissues.

Why is my dentist requesting a Dental CT Scan?
A dental CT scan is becoming the standard of care for the treatment planning of dental implants. Unlike a routine dental x-ray, which is only two-dimensional with distortion, a CT scan illustrates the actual make-up of the bone and provides a three-dimensional distortion-free image. Cross-sectional images of your jaw are acquired which allows your doctor to accurately measure the amount of bone that is available for implants.

Will insurance pay for my CT scan?
A CT scan for dental implant treatment is rarely covered by medical or dental insurance. Payment for the CT scan must be made in full by the patient at the time of service. Cash, Check, Visa, Master, or American Express is accepted.

How long will my appointment take?
Your entire appointment should take no longer than 30 minutes (from paperwork to scan).

Do I have to undress for my exam?
No. You will be asked to remove all jewelry from your head and neck area.

Definition CT Scanner
I am claustrophobic; will I be able to have a scan?
Yes. Our CT Scanner is open; it is not a tunnel. You are not enclosed. You are able to see around you.