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FAQs - Dentists

Does a radiologist read my patientís CT Scan?
Yes. Every dental CT scan at NYU is read by one of our Board Certified Nueroradiologists. Unlike many other imaging facilities, the cost of our radiologistís diagnostic interpretation is included in the cost of the scan (there is no additional charge.) Our neuroradiologist review relevant anatomical details critical to the evaluation of the maxilla and mandible and adjacent soft tissues.

Am I able to receive my patientís study via email?
If you have a high speed broadband connection you can download your Simplant study directly from our secure, HIPAA compliant server. You will receive and email indicating your patientís study has arrived. Once you click on the link, you will be asked to create a password. Your email address is your user name.

Will insurance pay for a patientís CT scan?
A CT scan for dental implant treatment is rarely covered by medical or dental insurance. Payment for the CT scan must be made in full by the patient at the time of service. Cash, Check, Visa, Master, or American Express is accepted.

What is scatter reduction?
Metal in the patient's mouth causes a scattering of data during the CT scan. NYU Radiology is one of the few Simplant Master sites in NYC able to edit scatter from your Simplant processed CT scan, at no additional fee. The CT technologist post-processes the patient's CT data and removes the spinal column, erases scatter, and separates the scan template or teeth from the other anatomy.

May I order more than one study?
It is uncommon; however, we have had instances when two types of studies have been ordered. Should this be necessary, please contact us for pricing.

What type of Scanner do you use?
Our Rivergate facility houses a state-of-the-art Siemens Somatom Definition Ė dual source CT Scanner. Currently, there are only four in the world. This is the only one available in NYC. The acquisition speed enables high resolution images and diminishes chance of movement.

How do I receive more information on your services, obtain prescription pads, or review samples of NYU Radiologyís work?
Please contact Liana Everaert, Marketing Manager, at 212.263.3388 or email