Silvia G. Priori, MD, PhD

Medicine (Cardiology) – Primary Mentor

Dr. Priori has established a vibrant translational and clinical research program in cardiovascular genetics, with a particular focus on inherited channelopathies and other inherited forms of heart disease. Beginning almost two decades ago, Dr. Priori established a clinical database of patients with known or suspected inherited arrhythmias, including long QT syndrome, Brudaga syndrome, catecholaminergic polymorphic VT, ARVC, short QT syndrome and related disorders. Her work defined the genetic basis for CPVT and her clinical database analyses have facilitated genotype-phenotype studies that have been of substantial clinical importance. Dr. Priori’s most recent work focuses on establishing murine models of the various human inherited channelopathies, with the goal of developing targeted gene and/or pharmacologic therapies for these disorders. Dr. Priori has been well-funded by a variety of European funding agencies, including TELETHON, the Italian Health Ministry and the LEDUCQ Foundation, and in the past she has served as an investigator on grants from the NIH.