Gregory E. Morley, PhD

Medicine (Cardiology) – Primary Mentor

Dr. Morley's current research interests focus on determining the molecular mechanisms responsible for cardiac arrhythmias. One major area of interest includes studies determining the arrhythmogenic role of dysregulation of cardiac gap junctions. A second area of interest involves determining the mechanisms that are responsible for the developmental changes in impulse initiation and conduction within the sinus node and atria. Dr. Morley is one of the world’s experts in the use of high-speed imaging techniques to study electrical wave propagation at both the macroscopic and cellular level. He has developed novel quantitative methods to accurately define and measure patterns of wave propagation, conduction velocity and wave front curvature on the epicardial and endocardial surfaces of adult, newborn and embryonic mouse hearts. With this technology, His group uses this technology to characterize normal and abnormal conduction patterns and has obtained the first high-resolution images of electrical wave propagation in mice lacking various cardiac gap junction proteins.