Glenn I. Fishman, MD

Medicine (Cardiology) – Program Director, Primary Mentor

Dr. Fishman's laboratory focuses on several aspects of cardiovascular biology and disease, including: gap junction channels and the regulation of cardiac impulse propagation; cardiac conduction system development and disease; cardiac stem cell biology; and ischemia-reperfusion injury. The laboratory utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach including molecular and cellular biology, transcriptional profiling, cellular, organ-level and in vivo electrophysiology, as well creation and characterization of novel genetically engineered murine models. The Fishman laboratory is supported by grants from the NIH and NYSTEM. Dr. Fishman currently serves as chair of the NIH Electrophysiology, Signaling, Transport and Arrhythmias (ESTA) Study Section; is a member of the AHA Scientific Sessions Program Committee; and chair of the Basic Science Committee of the Heart Rhythm Society.