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Your First Visit

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive a packet from NYU Medical Center with information about your upcoming visit.

The packet includes a set of Cancer Center Demographics Forms to fill out. These forms allow the Thoracic Oncology team to become familiar with your medical history and should be completed prior to your visit.

Any previous medical records or test results that you can bring to the first visit are also helpful, including:

  • Medical records from care recently provided outside NYU Medical Center and NYU Cancer Center

  • Prior chest X-rays, CAT scans of the chest and abdomen, PET scans, brain MRIs and bone scans that are available

  • Pathology slides and reports

  • Results of recent pulmonary function tests, EKGs, and blood tests

  • A list of questions you have about your diagnosis, treatment options, or other issues

Please reserve at least two hours for check-in, registration, and your examination. If further testing is necessary or we feel that a specialist should be involved in your consultation, our staff will work with you to schedule additional appointments as necessary. Otherwise, a best recommendation will be discussed at the end of your visit.

If surgery is recommended, it will be scheduled as soon as all necessary testing and consultations are completed. Once scheduled, pre-surgical testing will begin, including blood testing and blood typing. You will also receive instructions about what to do on the day of your surgery, including when to arrive and where to go.