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Video Mediastinoscopy

By Harvey I. Pass, M.D.

Medistinoscopy is the procedure of choice for staging lung cancer and is used to evaluate other benign (sarcoid) and malignant diseases of the mediastinum, such as lymphoma.

Standard mediastinoscopy uses a narrow working channel that makes it very difficult to teach. Video mediastinoscopy is an improvement upon the conventional technology, adding a video camera to the end of the six-inch conventional scope.

Video mediastinoscopy is safer and easier to use because physicians can view images and structures on a large screen rather than through a narrow scope. Other benefits include:

  • simultaneous monitor display, allowing several people to observe and improving ability to teach procedure
  • increased communication among nurses and anesthesiology personnel during the procedure
  • ability to record the procedure for future viewing

Use of video mediastinoscopy is another example of how the NYU Medical Center and the Division of Thoracic Surgery strive to provide patients with the most up-to-date therapies available.