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Airway Stenting

By Costas Bizekis, M.D.

image: example of covered metal stent
Example of covered metal stent.

image: example of uncovered metal stent
Example of uncovered metal stent.

image: insertion of metal stent
Process of inserting a metal stent. larger image

image: examples of plastic stent
Example of plastic stent.

image: Tools used to insert plastic stents
Tools used to insert plastic stents. larger image

image: Insertion of plastic stents
Insertion of plastic stent. larger image

image: Obstructed airway
Obstructed airway. larger image

image: Plastic stent in airway
Plastic stent in airway. larger image

image: Inserting plastic stent
Insertion of plastic stent.
larger image

Patients experiencing trouble breathing may require airway stenting in order to maintain an open airway (windpipe). Treatment of primary and metastatic lung cancer often includes the use of stents to maintain an unobstructed airway. Stents are also used to treat narrowing or restriction due to benign conditions of the airways.

At NYU Medical Center, stent placement is performed in the operating room by an experienced team that includes a surgeon, anesthesiologist and nursing staff. The procedure can be performed through either rigid or flexible bronchoscopy, using either temporary (plastic) or more permanent (metal) stents.

Post-operative patients are carefully monitored by a multidisciplinary team to ensure their comfort and care.